easyJet Introduces New Seats

UK airline easyJet has introduced more comfortable, lightweight seats on board all its new aircraft.  The first of 14 new aircraft with the seats was delivered yesterday (April 9), with the remainder due for delivery by the end of the summer.
The seat cover is grey with orange accents and is complimented by a new carpet and specially-designed orange aisle lighting.  The SL3510 seat, ergonomically designed and manufactured by German company Recaro, uses a combination of foams to provide the best comfort and support for the passenger.  The backrest is at a 15-degree angle for a relaxed seating position and is slimmer to provide more space for passenger.  As it is lighter, the seat will contribute to improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.
Recaro has manufactured the seats with over 100 fewer parts and focused on their ergonomic qualities.  The netting in the aluminium frame is designed to conform to the shape of the passenger’s spine.
easyJet is also introducing lightweight trolleys onboard, as well as aerodynamic improvements, such as sharklets.
(Image:  easyJet)