Rental Car Facility Opens at Chicago Midway

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has opened a new consolidated rental car facility at Midway International Airport.  The building replaces the rental car customer service centres, facilities and lots that were located in and around Midway, consolidating them into one place.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel commented:  “This facility improves the travel experience at Midway by making the rental car process more convenient for customers and benefits the community by making the operation more streamlined and more environmentally-friendly.”
The facility includes a customer service centre, a five-level garage for 1,870 vehicles and a quick turn-around (QTA) service to refuel, wash and prepare vehicles for rental.  The customer service centre has 200ft (61m) of counters, public restrooms, shuttle bus facilities and offices for rental agencies.  The QTA is a single-storey building with nine car wash bays, a large canopy with a green roof sheltering nine fuelling stations, 36 fuel pumps and two 20,000-gallong underground fuel tanks.
Construction on the $55 million project began in August 2011 and was completed on time and within budget.
Environmentally-friendly features include solar panels and wind turbines, a detention basin to manage storm water and elements to collect rain water for irrigation.  More than 17,000sq ft (1,579.4m2) of vegetated green roof space has been incorporated into the building and water used to wash the rental cars will be recycled.
(Image:  CDA)