Morpho Detection Wins $100m CATSA Contract

Morpho Detection, Inc, has won a five-year standing order from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), valued at up to $100 million.
The company will supply high-, medium- and low-speed and over-length explosives detection systems (EDS) in support of CATSA’s next-generation baggage screening programme.  The first delivery will deploy eight compact CTX 5800 (pictured) and four high-speed CTX 9800 DSi systems to Canadian airports this year.
The CTX units use advanced computed tomography (CT) technology to screen checked baggage.  Capable of screening more than 1,000 bags an hour, the CTX 9800 enhances operational efficiencies by screening bags faster and with fewer false alarms.  The CTX 5800 combines imaging and data collection in a smaller lighter solution and is designed to allow small- and mid-sized airports to plan for evolving threats and future expansion.
Both systems are certified by the US Transportation Security Administration and approved by the European Civil Aviation Conference as meeting European Union Standard 3 requirements.
Morpho Detection’s unique Clarity technology enables both systems to screen checked luggage at higher speeds while continuing to deliver high-resolution 3-D images of each bag.
(Image:  Morpho)