Kazan Airport Chooses ARINC’s vMUSE Enterprise

Global communications, engineering and integration solutions provider ARINC has been awarded a contract for vMUSE Enterprise at Kazan Airport, a regional airport in Tatarstan, Russia.
The company will work with information technology (IT) services company Integris to deliver a fully-managed vMUSE Enterprise solution at the airport’s recently-built Terminal 1A.  The initial system will comprise 40 workstations.
ARINC claims its vMUSE Enterprise is the “only truly cloud-based common-use check-in platform in the industry”, moving software functions that were formerly on the user’s workstation into ‘virtual machines’.  Airports using the systems can reduce their operational costs by eliminating the need for on-site server hardware and core rooms, and the maintenance needed for such units.  Other benefits include lower energy consumption, less space requirements, increased flexibility to increase or decrease the number of workstations as required and a reduced roll-out time.
Paul Hickoc, ARINC’s International Operations Director, commented:  “vMUSE Enterprise delivers the same performance as systems running on on-site core servers – high security, reliability and manageability – but at a much lower cost.  We are excited that ARINC’s cloud-based architecture means that airports like Kazan can now benefit from common-use check-in platforms that previously were only available to large airports.”
(Image via ARINC)