Sea-Tac Airport Welcomes New Hudson Store

The Port of Seattle, USA, has welcomed Hudson Group’s newest concept travel essential store, Hudson, in the central terminal of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
The 3,500sq ft (325m2) facility offers passengers a wide selection of products within various sections: media, essentials, marketplace and destination.  The store features magazines and books; electronics and media-related items; health and beauty aids; healthy meals, snacks and beverages; and authentic local merchandise from the Puget Sound region.
Hudson Group’s President and CEO Joe DiDomizio commented:  “We have had the new Hudson concept under development for a long time.  As ‘The Traveller’s Best Friend’, our goal was to redesign our core concept to create a more open, friendly and welcoming environment for travellers.  We have accomplished this not only with the creation of ‘smart’ tablets mounted directly on our displays, but through whimsical, colour-coded signage to attract customers’ attention to featured products and promotions.”
(Image:  Sea-Tac)