Iberia Increases Auto Check-in At Madrid

Iberia Check in MadridIberia has enlarged the area in which auto check-in machines are available at its T4 hub in Madrid-Barajas airport, installing additional machines.  There are now 32 machines capable of issuing boarding passes and luggage tags in about 30 seconds; four of these machines are made for passengers with reduced mobility.
The airline has also installed new electronic scales with luminous indicators to enable passengers to check that their luggage conforms to the allowance before checking in. These scales can also be found in the luggage reorganisation areas.
Iberia also has four check in counters for fast check in of luggage (810-811 and 850-851), which speed the check-in process considerably.
The developments are all a part of the Iberia’s Ágora project aimed at improving the customer’s airport experience.