Southend Airport Enters the Retail Cloud

Stobart Shopping at Southend Airport
The Stobart Group, owner of Southend Airport, UK, has deployed a cloud-based software system to help manage retail operations at the airport.  More than 720,000 passengers have travelled through the airport in the past year.
Following extensive research into suitable electronic point of sale (EPoS) systems for the Stobart Airport Shopping store, the group chose Cybertill software in hopes that it would grow with demand and allow remote access for different departments.
Laura Tinkler, Special Projects Manager at the Stobart Group, commented: “Retail is essential to UK airports:  not only is retail part of the fabric of the airport experience but it is an important revenue channel.  As Cybertill is cloud-based, it allows all departments to have real-time access to the system, no matter where they are.  So everyone is seeing the same information and can act on it accordingly.
“It was important the EPoS system could grow with us, and with Cybertill it is incredibly simple to bring new tills online.”
(Image via Cybertill)