Virtual Shopping Comes to Frankfurt Airport

QR CODE Shopping Wall, Heinemann, Travel Value, Terminal 1B, Schengen, Ebene 3, bei Gate 5-9, Flughafen Frankfurt

In close cooperation with Fraport AG, Heinemann Duty Free has unveiled a ‘QR code wall’ at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.  From now on, passengers passing Schengen gate B5-9 will be able to buy duty free goods simply by pointing their smartphones at a billboard featuring virtual products.

The giant virtual shopping billboard displays 60 different perfumes, cosmetic items, spirits and confectionery products.  Shoppers can choose from Bestsellers, New and Special Offers.  Alongside each product is a QR code which travellers can scan using the Heinemann Express Shopping app or a standard QR code reader.  They will then get more information about the products, place selected items into a virtual shopping basket and place orders for those goods.  The products ordered are conveniently delivered to a pick-up point next to the wall in less than 15 minutes, where the customer will then make a card payment.  In the event that a passenger boards their flight before the pre-ordered goods are collected, their order will be cancelled automatically.

The QR code wall will be trialled at Frankfurt for six months, in order to gather information on which passengers are attracted to the system.


(Image:  Fraport)