FODetect Operational at Tel-Aviv / Ben-Gurion Airport

TLV x66The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) and Xsight Systems, a provider of runway sensor solutions have announced that FODetect, an automated Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection system, is declared fully operational at the Tel-Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport.
Declaring the FODetect system as operational followed a rigorous evaluation process and soft launch testing at the airport’s primary runway.
Mr Yair Gannot, Director of Aviation Safety, Israel Airports Authority, commented: “During the system operation and over the past nine months an average of six items per month were collected from the runway.  More so, we had no case of FOD found by our manual inspectors that was not earlier detected and visualized by the automated FOD detection system.
The FOD detection system is maintained by our airfield lighting maintenance team during standard night time maintenance windows. The system requires an average of less than one hour maintenance per a period of two weeks.”