Vision-Box® presents the true End-to-End Chain of Trust at the “Cards and Payments Middle East” conference

Vision-Box® S.A., leader in solutions for electronic identity management and automated border control, presents the true End-to-End Chain of Trust at the “Cards and Payments Middle East” conference.
Lisbon, May 14, 2013 –Vision-Box® will share a new approach to the card issuance process which provides issuing authorities with full control of the whole process and increases card distribution security while still delivering a positive and empowering experience to citizens.
The End-to-End Chain of Trust encompasses 3 stages, namely:

  • Multimodal (face, iris and fingerprint) Enrolment/Verification – Citizens, in self-service mode, perform biometric and biographic enrolment and pay for the ID document, all within the same transaction.
  • Card production – Once produced the ID cards are placed in secure cartridges, ready for distribution.
  • Delivery/Activation – Citizens can retrieve their ID document at any chosen location, using biometric verification to guarantee secure delivery.

Vision-Box provides solutions which enable the chain of trust. The vb e-pass product portfolio includes kiosks, portable and desktop enrolment stations and the card dispensing unit, designed as an all-in-one, self-service platform that covers the entire card issuance cycle including enrolment, renewal, delivery, printing, archiving and payment of any type of electronic ID card or machine readable travel document.
Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice President of Vision-Box® S.A., states “the innovative approach taken solves one of the biggest challenges to issuance authorities across the globe: How to maintain full control of the issuance process, from the moment the citizen enrols until receiving the card?” Miguel adds “Vision-Box® has implemented this vision in the Middle East with significant benefits in terms of efficiency, time savings from the moment the card is requested until delivery and overall process security, while at the same time providing a world class service to citizens”.
Vision-Box® will showcase its ground breaking solutions for ID management at the “Cards&Payment Middle East” conference, taking place in Dubai, from the 14th to the 15th of May, 2013.
About Vision-Box ® SA:
Founded in 2001, Vision-Box® is the leading provider of electronic identity solutions and automated border control systems that use ICAO compliant standards.
Covering the entire ID management life cycle, Vision-Box® delivers, to governments and issuing authorities, solutions ranging from live biometric enrolment stations, document verification kiosks and digital document dispensers through to personalization systems.
The border control portfolio aimed at airports, airlines and Immigration authorities, includes solutions addressing a variety of business scenarios, namely security check-points and self-boarding and automated border control smart biometric eGates.
From the enrolment process, through the life cycle process of a biometric document and finally to the verification and identification process, all products are linked together through a powerful IT-platform, vb i-shield®.  Vision-Box’s vb i-shield®, which enables the implementation of an advanced border management system, also integrates with advanced digital video management solutions, intelligent biometric and biographic search engines and danger management functionalities.
Vision-Box® operates automated borders in more than 30 international airports and has over 3.000 electronic identity systems deployed across the globe.
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