L-3’s Compact ProVision 2 Scanner Receives EU Approval

L-3 Security & Detection Systems has announced that its ProVision 2 checkpoint security scanner meets European aviation standards following testing under the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Common Evaluation Process (CEP).  The ProVision 2 is an image-free system that automatically detects objects while ensuring passenger privacy.
President of the company Thomas M Ripp commented:  “The ProVision 2 is our second personnel scanner to meet the EU CEP standard, following the qualification of the widely deployed ProVision ATD last year.  The system’s software-based architecture offers a simple upgrade path as new EU regulatory requirements emerge.”
The ProVision use safe millimetre wave technology to automatically detect both metallic and non-metallic threats by highlighting any anomalies on a generic mannequin.  The new compact design offers the same checkpoint detection and throughput as the ProVision ATD, while fitting into tight checkpoint area with low (8ft/2.4m) ceilings.  Passengers are required to stand in a single position for a 1.5 second scan.
More than 1,000 ProVision ATD and ProVision 2 systems have been procured worldwide by nearly 250 airports with deployments on six continents.
(Image:  L-3)