Oslo Reaches Redevelopment Milestone

OSLO AirportOslo International Airport has announced that Thursday May 30th, marks the biggest milestone in its expansion project which is due to be complete in 2017.
Five gates in the terminal have been closed, domestic flights are being re-located, new taxiways and remote aprons will be made available for aircraft parking.  This means that more passengers – especially those travelling on international flights – will have to be bussed to and from their aircraft and gates until redevelopment project is completed in 2017.
“This is the biggest milestone thus far in the expansion project, and we’ve actually now completed 40% of the construction work,” says Nic Nilsen, Managing Director of Oslo Airport.
He explained the new taxiways were opened to enable construction work to start on the airport’s North Pier.  At the same time, five existing gates (30, 32, 34 and 36) have closed to make room for work in progress.
“There will be more bussing operations leading up to the opening in 2017, and because of this, we have expanded our bus lounge in the International Terminal, which we hope passengers will enjoy.  More bussing is a temporary consequence of the expansion, and we ask passengers to be understanding of this during the construction period,” Mr Nilsen added.
In June three new security lanes will open including a separate family lane, which is under trial.  This is being done to reduce queuing times and improve the passengers’ overall airport experience.
Mr Nilsen explained: “We continuously work to provide our customers with the best possible service, and I am therefore very pleased to be able to open our new security lanes before the summer travel season starts. We believe the family security lane will be very popular.”
In addition to the new security lanes and the new airside facilities, a new customs lane will also open.  In recent weeks building work was taking place in the customs area of the arrivals hall, but this will soon be completed and the new customs lane will be ready.
The airport has advised travellers that its transition in late May/early June could cause some minor restrictions on the number of arrivals per hour, but is not expected to affect passengers.