BA Airbus / Heathrow May 24: AAIB Releases Interim Report

The UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Board has released an interim report about the events that led to a BA Airbus A319 returning to Heathrow on May 24, 2013, after is engine cowlings detached during its take-off run.…3%20G-EUOE.pdf
Keith Williams,
British Airways chief executive, said: “We welcome the publication of the AAIB interim report. We continue to cooperate fully with the investigation team and can confirm that appropriate initial action has already been taken in accordance with the AAIB’s safety recommendation to Airbus.
“We regret we are precluded from releasing or discussing any additional details while the AAIB investigation is ongoing.
“We commend the professionalism of the flight crew for the safe landing of the plane and the cabin crew and pilots for its safe evacuation.
“We continue to offer our full support to those customers who were onboard the flight.”