Servair Announces Restructuring

Armement - Approche de l'avionMichel Emeyriat, Chairman and Managing Director of the French airline catering and cleaning company Servair, has announced the details of a company restructure, which was introduced on June 5, 2013.  Mr Emeyriat said his goal is to: “consolidate the company’s business strategy of improving its position using a high-performing Parisian hub and renowned catering expertise in order to continue to grow internationally.”
Servair says its priorities for the next two years will be to reduce costs, improve production processes, and develop new business lines.  Key to implementing its strategy, the company says its new structure involves setting up four operational centres, defined by geographical areas – Paris; France and Asia; the Americas and Caribbean; Europe, Africa, and the Middle East – each of them backed by support departments.
The goal of this restructuring is:

  • To focus management on common challenges and
  • To develop more autonomous managements for greater responsiveness

While providing:

  • Greater clarity in task assignments and related responsibilities and
  • More efficient ways of operating across management units.

Each of the four newly created operational centres will be responsible for its own sales, costs, human resources, customer satisfaction, and development of the catering business within its territory.

  • Christian Léger is responsible for the Paris operational center.
  • Jérôme Ceccaldi is responsible for the France and Asia operational center.
  • Hervé Paris is responsible for the Americas and Caribbean operational center.
  • Denis Hasdenteufel is responsible for the Europe, Africa, and Middle East operational center.

These entities will be supported in their activities and development by interlinked departments, which will be responsible for the company’s general policy in their area of expertise, and provide the operational centers with the resources they need in order to reach their objectives.

  • Human Resources and Social Policy: François Baptiste
  • Economy and Finance: Bruno Duperrin
  • Industrial Affairs and Customer Quality: Claude Déorestis
  • General Secretary: Jeannine Canavaggio
  • Sales: Claude Thénevin
  • Strategy and Organization, Communication and Marketing: Alexis Frantz and Boris Eloy

(Photo: Servair- Philippe Bauduin)