London City’s Record Month

Media BriefingLondon City Airport had its busiest ever month, week and day in May 2013, peaking at 15,697 passengers on Friday 23rd to total 315,514 – the highest monthly figure in its 26 year history.
The figures represent an increase of almost 20% compared to May 2012.
Matthew Hall, Chief Commercial Officer at London City Airport said:  “These record-breaking numbers, combined with consistently higher load factors, demonstrate real success in the development of the route network at LCY.  With several new routes having launched already this year and additional rotations on established routes, we have achieved a significant increase in passenger numbers, compared to relatively static growth at other airports in the South East.
“We will continue to work with our airline partners to ensure we deliver the schedule that our passengers want, as well as maintaining and improving the business-class experience that people enjoy when travelling through London City Airport.”
New routes launched from LCY in 2013 include Dresden and Paderborn with CityJet, Kristiansand with Flynonstop and Rome with Alitalia, as well as increased frequencies from Alitalia and Luxair.

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  1. From May to April, these last 12 months LCY handled 3,088,118 passengers. In turn it handled 65,189 air transport movements. That equates to an average of 47 passengers per flight. If you add 20% to each flight that equates to 57 passengers (an increase of just 10 passengers) per flight.
    For the same period, Luton on average carried 135 passengers per flight whilst Stansted carried 134 passengers per flight and Southend carried 88 passengers. In effect London City Airport is operating aircraft that do not carry efficient loads- British Airways A318 services in particular are designed to only carry I believe 32 passengers per flight on aircraft capable of actually carrying up to 132 passengers.
    Whilst London City Airport can boast of a 20% increase for the month of May 2013 it certainly can not boast its operation is efficient and green.

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