Taxibot Tests at Frankfurt Airport with Lufthansa

Taxibot has released a new video describing the system and updating the current product launch at Frankfurt Airport with Lufthansa on B737.

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  1. Taxibot is possibly most advanced equipment in modern towing aircraft today! According to professionals,
    who using this bright tow truck capable to tow any aircraft from Airbus A318 to A380, any cargo plane from
    Boeing, Airbus, Antonov 125 , Myrya 225!. Thanks to these ultra modern machines produced by IAI, airspace industry of Israel, no one hub no one big or medium airport should not be allowed without this NG tow machine! For safety, reliability… All NG aircraft neo have a NG tow equipment. Taxibot of IAI.
    Best wishes from Rodney Marinkovic, Aircraft Mechanical Engineer Sydney / Kraljevo-Serbia.

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