And Finally…Wellington Saves Albatross

Ops on the sceneAt commencement of the first light inspection of the runway after an overnight storm on June 20/21, members of Wellington’s Airport Operations and Fire Service teams discovered an adult Albatross bird in distress on the runway.
A statement from the New Zealand airport said Albatross are not usually found in that area, so the adventurous bird had obviously became lost as a result of the weather.   It added: “We even suspect he could have braved the storm all the way from Antarctica, as this type of Albatross is not common in the region.”
Daniel Debono, Airport and Fire Service Manager commented. “Even with significant weather related disruption, the welfare of this albatross was a priority for the airport team.
“We successfully rescued him and kept him safe and warm at our Airport Fire Station.  After his time on the airfield, he was surprisingly happy to be inside, and stayed here for the rest of the morning.
“We made contact with the SPCA and he was transported to Wellington Zoo’s animal hospital to ensure he is fit to fly,” said Mr Debono.