AMG Completes Gan International Airport CCTV Surveillance Project


British camera manufacturer AMG Systems has completed a CCTV surveillance project at Gan International Airport in the Maldives, in partnership with the airport’s owner and operator Addu International Airport Pvt Ltd.
The project uses PanoCam360 cameras on an ethernet transmission platform to ensure complete surveillance in the executive lounge areas.
Leona Hayes, Business Development Manager for Overseas Markets at AMG Group, explained:  “The IP-based solution for Gan Airport uses AMG-Panogenic’s PanoCam360 cameras.  This is a five-megapixel network camera, providing up to 14 simultaneous electronic-Pan-Tilt-Zoom [ePTZ] and panoramic video streams which may be recorded or viewed live.  De-warping is provided within the camera, which reduces the load on the network video recorder system.”
The camera’s feed can be viewed simultaneously from up to eight different locations and the PTZ streams can be pre-positioned or controlled, directly replacing up to four standard definition fixed cameras.  The company also boasts that it has no moving parts, reducing wear and tear and long-term maintenance costs.
The cameras are being integrated with a Wavestore recording solution.
(Image:  AMG)