Dubai Airports Aims to Limit Carbon Footprint

Artist impression of Concourse D exterior

Operator Dubai Airports has revealed how Concourse D at Dubai International (DXB) will be as energy-efficient as sustainable as possible.
Under the supervision of Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP), the new building will implement several green initiatives to reduce its environmental impact.  These include adopting recycling programmes during construction, the use of renewable energy and utilising locally-sourced and recycled building materials.
The concourse’s roof will house 192 solar panels measuring 4,844sq ft (450m2), to generate an expected 1.8% of the building’s power and to keep it cool by reflecting sunlight.
Improved insulation aims to better regulate the concourse’s temperature while thermal technology will be used to absorb sunlight during the day and radiate it during the night.  The glass façade also allows for more effective use of daylight.
Construction includes onsite recycling and recycled materials will be used in the concourse’s construction.  DAEP aims to source at least 10% of its building material from within 497 miles (800km) of Dubai and 20% from recycled materials.
In addition, the building will make use of at least 50% (based on cost) of wood-based materials and products that are certified in accordance to Forest Stewardship Councils’ criteria.
The design requires the use of more efficient lighting systems, which include daylight sensors and less heat-sensitive lighting which reduces the building’s energy consumption.
(Image:  Dubai Airports)