Schiphol to Install LED Lighting Along Runways

Schiphol Runway

Over the next few years, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol plans to replace all signs along its runways by new ones provided with LED lighting.
The signs, currently illuminated using halogen lamps, are situated in the landing area to inform pilots about locations, routes, runway numbers and airport traffic rules.  The replacement is hoped to reduce energy consumption by 70%.
Thousands of signs in the landing area are due to be replaced.  The 100 signs along Runway 18C-36C have already been changed, while those along other runways are scheduled over the coming years.  Replacement operations are due to coincide with periods in which the runway is out of operation due to maintenance work.
The signs, which are 3.3ft (1m) high and 13.1-16.4ft (4-5m) wide, are illuminated permanently in accordance with safety regulations.  The standard practice has been to use halogen lamps, which last around one year.  LED lamps have a service life of approximately ten years and use 70% less energy.
The airport says the material of the old signs will be recycled where possible, such as the electric switches.  Usable materials such as plastics, aluminium and copper will be separated and reused as well.
(Image:  Copyright of Schiphol)