Gatwick Submits Second Runway Plans

(Image: GIP)

(Image: GIP)
(Image: GIP)

London Gatwick has submitted to the Airports Commission a proposal for a second runway – positioned to the south of the current site.  Gatwick’s management team says it has provided a: “robust and compelling case” outlining why the next runway should be built at the London airport and believes it is the most affordable, sustainable and deliverable solution for London and for the UK.
Stewart Wingate, London Gatwick Chief Executive, said: “London is the best connected city in the world today because the UK’s aviation industry is one of the most competitive and innovative.  Our proposal to the Airports Commission builds on this foundation and would ensure that the UK has an airports policy which offers the additional capacity that Britain needs, improves the resilience of the airports system and, above all, can be delivered.
“Our evidence shows clearly that an additional runway at Gatwick would best serve the needs of all passengers, and give certainty to airlines, communities and businesses. It would deliver the connectivity the UK needs with lower environmental impacts, whilst spreading the economic benefits.
“A two-runway Gatwick, as part of a constellation of three major airports surrounding London, will also provide flexibility in an industry where the only constant is change.”
Gatwick says its proposal builds on the strengths on the existing network of airports, which serve the densely populated London and South East market.  It says a second runway can be privately financed and would: “not require substantial government subsidy – as Heathrow or an Estuary airport would.”
The airport also says it has significantly less environmental and community obstacles, stating the overall number of people affected by noise with a second runway at Gatwick: “will still be equivalent to only 5% of the people that Heathrow impacts today.” It adds that studies show that the number of people impacted by noise at Gatwick would range from 3,300 – comparable to today with a single runway – up to 11,800.  The airport also claims it can keep within the European and national air quality standard limits with an additional runway adding: “Heathrow today breaches these limits.”