Indra Wins El Dorado ATM Contract

Eldorado - Zyscovich Architects

Colombia’s Aerocivil, the state organisation responsible for controlling and regulating civil aviation in the nation, has awarded Indra a $30m contract for the acquisition, installation and start-up of communications, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management (CNS-ATM) systems for El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.
The new systems “guarantee” the efficient management of the nation’s air traffic control, enabling significant savings for airlines, reducing the environmental impact of air operations and complying with air navigation safety standards.
The contract is the largest of its type to be awarded in Latin America so far this year.
Indra will implement the ATM management systems for the Bogotá control centre as well as the tower systems for El Dorado airport.  The contract also includes implementing controller-pilot radio communications systems as well as an instrument landing system (ILS Cat III) that enables aircraft to land in conditions with almost zero visibility.
The control tower will also have a level 2 automated system – the highest level certified by Eurocontrol – for monitoring and guiding aircraft movements through the aerodrome’s roadways surface area.  For this, Indra will install a surface radar in the control tower, ADS-B stations and a multilateration network that also covers the airport’s approach.
The control centre will be equipped with 34 controller positions and the latest technology for preventing conflicts and managing air traffic flows using automatic arrival and departure management tools.  It is expected to begin operating in August 2014 once construction work has been completed on the new tower and the Colombian aeronautical management centre.
(Image:  Zyscovich Architects)