Xsight Systems Launches BirdWize

Xsight Systems - FODetect+ BirdwizeXsight Systems has announced the launch of a new runway detection enhancement to FODetect(see Airports International July 2013) that allows airports to more effectively address, track and reduce ground-level avian-related threats.
Bird strikes cost the aviation industry hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The Federal Aviation Administration receives more than 9,000 reports of bird strike incidents every year.
Over 40% of all avian-related incidents occur on the runway, and 44% of the most damaging bird strikes happen on the ground.  BirdWize detects birds in real time, in inclement weather and in all light conditions – a major advantage since more than half of all bird activity on runways occurs during the nighttime hours.
BirdWize is an enhancement to FODetect, Xsight Systems’ automatic Foreign Object Debris detection solution.  Xsight Systems technology utilises a dual technology sensor, with millimeter-wave radar and electro-optic capabilities, along with advanced radar and image processing, to detect ground-level threats from FOD and birds as they occur.  Xsight Systems has developed a system which enables automatic bird recognition and provides an estimated size of the bird.  BirdWize sends real time detection alert to the airport’s wildlife team so threats are addressed.
“We are excited to launch this new product enhancement that will enable airport operators to better detect and monitor threats from ground-level birds on the runway,” says Mr Alon Nitzan, President and CEO of Xsight Systems. “40% of all bird-related incidents happen on the ground, and this solution provides airport personnel with a more effective way to track birds and their behavior patterns.  With BirdWize, airport traffic can now run smoother, potential damage to aircrafts can be avoided, and passengers and crew are safer.”
Xsight says its new product also features a comprehensive reporting system that documents all birds and other objects detected, which can be utilized to investigate bird behavior patterns and better conduct required wildlife hazard assessments