Chopin Airport City Enters Next Stage


The development of a business area near Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland, has entered the next stage of progress.  Polish Airports, together with consultant Arup, is set to begin elaborating a detailed land development plan for the investment.
The contract between the two companies was signed on July 23, following a tender procedure held by Polish Airports, and will run until the third quarter of 2014.
Head of the project Aleksandra Matuszewska commented:  “The task of the consultant is not only to develop a land development plan, but also to help us obtain a final environmental decision and planning permissions, which in turn will allow us to work on the local land management plan.  Once the entire process is completed, we will be able to start preparing the area for the erection of the first office buildings.  We expect construction work to begin in 2015.”
Arup plans to draw up a detailed schedule of implementation for the airport city and will examine the criteria for certification of individual facilities in the LEED certification system.  Meanwhile, a holding company will be established to manage the project.
Ms Matuszewska added:  “We are currently working out details regarding the establishment of the company and assumptions for the business plan and financial forecasts.”
Chopin Airport City is the first project of its kind in Poland.  In the upcoming years, 55.6 acres (22.5ha) of land located next to the passenger terminal will be transformed into a business park.  The concept involves building 17 A-class office buildings surrounded by greenery with water features and alleyways.
(Image:  WAW)