3rd China Aviation Summit

According to prediction of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, in the next 20 years, China will have an increase of 4583 civilian airliners, including 3682 jumbo jets and 901 regional aircrafts. Chinese commercial aviation aircraft market will undoubtedly grow rapidly. To the year 2030, China’s share of the global aircraft fleet will increase from 9% to 15%. In addition, the business jet market has a huge growing room in the global industry, the deliveries will reach 10,000 units in the next 10 years, and the Chinese market deliveries will reach 2360 in the next 20 years. China’s aviation market, either now or in the future is enormous.

    According to the “high-end equipment manufacturing industry12th Five-Year development plan”, it is required that to 2015, in the area of aviation equipment, large to finish first flight of passenger aircraft, to achieve sales of 100 Regional jet aircraft, to build capacity for sustainable development of the aviation industry. The reason for making the above requirements is that the demand for aircraft has made sharp contrast to the weak aircraft industry over the years.

    Under this background, 3rd China Aviation Industry Summit 2013 will be organized by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics、 COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Chinese Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute from 3rd to 6th on December 2013 at Intercontinental in Shanghai. The theme of this year is Cooperation Lead to Common Prosperity,Innovation Drive Development.