Morse Watchmans Key Control Deployed at Sky Harbor

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Phoenix Sky Harbor, home to the AAAE 2012 annual gathering, is riding high on a combination of good passenger figures and extensive improvement programmes.  (PHX)


Key control systems from Morse Watchmans are in place at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to maintain strict security procedures for the safekeeping and access of facility keys.

Installed throughout the airport for use in all back-of-house operations, including mechanical, fleet pool and maintenance, the various KeyWatcher Illuminated cabinets enable controlled access to keys and provide forensic capabilities, such as automatic tracking, alarm and reporting functions.

The automated cabinets can be used to hold keys needed for access to secured areas of facilities that are restricted from the general public.  Authorised users can access keys which they have been pre-programmed to use by entering a PIN code and swiping a pre-issued badge.  If the criteria entered matched the information stored in the system’s database, the cabinet will unlock and the necessary key can be removed or returned.

The KeyWatcher systems prevents unauthorised key access and reduces cases of lost or misplaced keys.  All activity at Sky Harbor is automatically recorded, including user, date and time of key access and return.  Scheduled email reports of which keys are in or out and who has or had them keeps security management informed.  Requested reports can trace key movements by time, date and user code as well as audit reports that track keys in use, overdue keys and inconsistent key usage.

The systems at Sky Harbor were configured and installed by Genesis Resource, Inc.


(Image:  PHX)

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