Cavotec Adds Fuel to E3 Gate Concept

Visitors to the Cavotec stand at inter airport Europe CavotecCavotec has launched a new fuelling element to its E3 Gate concept during this week’s inter airport Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany.
Cavotec’s E3 Gate – so called because it is designed to deliver optimal performance in Ergonomics, Economy and the Environment – supplies parked aircraft with 400Hz power, PCAir, blue and potable water and sewage – and now fuel – via underground pit systems.  The company says this provides uncluttered ramp around aircraft, thereby improving safety and operational efficiency.
“By using Cavotec’s fully integrated E3 Gate, airports can reduce their capital investment, reduce the risk of collision between mobile GSE and aircraft, and have far simpler servicing routines,” says Yann Duclot, Cavotec Group Manager, Sales and Marketing.
During inter airport Europe, perhaps the aviation industry’s largest and well-attended event, Cavotec has demonstrated how its in-ground fuelling systems – fuel hydrant pits and valves, high point vents, low drain points, pop-up pantographs, and fuel hydrant carts – can be integrated with the E3 Gate.
Its staff say the E3’s pop-up pantograph systems support safer and faster fuelling, and Cavotec’s “Easy Lift” design also makes one-man operation: “easy.”
Cavotec’s fuelling systems also include loading arms, tank farm systems, floating suction arms and truck loading systems.
Cavotec also showcased its sub-freezing PCAir system that is capable of cooling the largest passenger aircraft in service today, even in ambient temperatures of 45°C.