Iberia Unveils New Colours

Iberia New ColoursOn Thursday November 21, Iberia formally presented the first aircraft bearing its new livery and logo, an Airbus A330 – the airline’s fifth – christened ‘Juan Carlos I’.
In a video message shown at a presentation at Iberia’s T4 hub in Madrid-Barajas airport, the Spanish monarch noted that ’the colours and the new image continue to express the essence of the company and the country it represents.  At the same time, he added: “they bring a more modern look and a freshness that lead us to view the future with even greater optimism.”  The King expressed his confidence that the new image, along “with the talent and the drive of the people who work at Iberia, surely marks the beginning of a new and brilliant period for the company.”
New Iberia Colours
In remarks at the presentation, attended by some 300 people, including public officials, customers, business leaders, and journalists, Iberia chairman Antonio Vázquez said: “It is very gratifying that my last public act as Iberia’s Chairman should be nothing less than the launch of our new corporate image, reflecting of the new Iberia, and the presentation of the aircraft bearing the name of His Majesty the King.”
Iberia’s CEO, Luis Gallego, commented that: “this re-launch of our brand expresses Iberia’s ongoing process of transformation and modernisation, and is an investment in the future of the airline, in which it will be much closer to the customer, while continuing to be a pioneering force in the air travel business.”
Iberia’s new image has been in evidence since Monday, 18 November, throughout the T4 complex, in the VIP lounges, at customer service points, and on all group publications, including the in-flight magazine Ronda, as well as on the new Iberia office building in Madrid.
Iberia ground staff and cabin crews are now wearing their new uniforms for the first time.  The new logo and livery will be applied gradually to the entire company and fleet at all the airports served by the Spanish airline.