American Airlines and US Airways Finalise Merger

The tail sections of a newly designed American Airlines aircraft,  a US Airways aircraft and a traditional American Airlines aircraft are lined up at at Dallas-Ft Worth International AirportAmerican Airlines and US Airways have completed their long-running merger, thereby creating the world’s biggest airline.  After a series of US airliner mergers stretching back many years there are now just three US ‘mega carriers; American, Delta and United.  
The AA/US merger had previously been delayed by the US Justice Department (DOJ) over concerns about potential competition issues.
The two companies say they expect to save more than $1bn in synergies with the merger.
The new company will keep the American Airlines name and drop the US Airways title.  The new set-up will have a workforce of more than 100,000 employees and provide almost 6,700 daily flights to more than 330 destinations in more than 50 countries.
As part of the merger settlement both US Airways and American Airlines had previously agreed to give up several hundred slots at airports across the US in order to enable smaller carriers to provide competing services.
Analysts cheered the news, noting that this was the final merger in a long series. Now, there are three main US carriers: United, Delta, and American.
“With the merger of American Airlines and US Airways the long cycle of US industry reconstruction began in 1979 with deregulation is now complete,” Nexa Capital’s Ray Neidl told the BBC.
“The public, as well as investors, will benefit from a financially strong industry which can now invest to keep its product updated and in international markets competitive with foreign carriers.”