Genoa Airport Rail Link Gains EU Support

Genoa Airport Rail LinkThe European Union will co-finance with €576,000 from the Trans-European Networks-Transport (TEN-T) Programme a series of studies on the design of the connection between Genoa Airport and the existing Italian rail network, in order to forge better multimodal links in the city and the surrounding region.
The studies, which were selected for funding under the 2012 TEN-T annual studies, consist of two integrated scheme designs: one for the new Aeroporto railway station and the other for the link between the Aeroporto station and the airport itself.  They aim to start the process of strengthening regional and inter-modal connections to Genoa Airport, in addition to complying with the airport and local planning directives.
The studies’ specific objective is to achieve a unified and integrated design of the new rail link, compatible with the existing rail infrastructure, the proposed future Genoa metro line, the Genoa Airport development master plan as well as its road access system.
The expected socio-economic and environmental benefits are particularly linked to the development of Genoa Airport as an important multimodal hub.
The initiative will be monitored by the TEN-T’s Executive Agency and is scheduled to be complete by December 2015.