Record Traffic for Sochi’s Olympic Gateway

Latvian athletes in Sochi AirportBasel Aero, operator of Sochi International Airport, has reported more than 8,500 passengers arrived at the Winter Olympic gateway on February 6, the eve of the Games’ opening.  It adds that on February 7, the day of the opening ceremony, the airport handled more than 8,700 arriving passengers; six times as much as on average days and claims there were no flight delays during the peak period.

During the same period the airport dealt with more than 600 arriving and departing airline flights.  In addition, 175 “business jets” from destinations such as Stockholm, Paris, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Newark, Washington, Munich, Chicago, Oslo, Prague, Sofia, Vienna, Zurich, Zagreb, Tokyo, Kiev, London, Beijing, Milan, Nuremberg, Shanghai and other cities arrived. The Sochi Winter Olympics end on February 23 and the airport expects to handle about 390,000 spectators attending the Games as well as more than 6,000 athletes.