New Food, Beverage and Retail at Reagan National Airport

Image (MWAA)


Image (MWAA)
Image (MWAA)

Ronald Regan National Airport has announced “sweeping retail and restaurant changes” are coming to Terminal by the spring of 2015, the culmination of a comprehensive physical upgrade to the facility.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) says that full-service dining, publicly accessible iPads and charging stations and an expanded lineup of food, beverage and retail options will be part of the newest passenger comforts incorporated into the nine-gate terminal.  The redesigned Terminal A, which originally opened more than 40 years ago, will also have the airport’s first full-service spa.

On February 19, Airports Authority CEO, Jack Potter, told the MWAA board a joint venture of two specialist retail companies, OTG and BMG, has been selected to manage the Terminal A concessions development.  They will work alongside MarketPlace Development, the Authority’s main contractor for concessions management.

Mr Potter said: “OTG has more than 17 years of experience in ten airports,” adding that: “BMG is also an experienced operator, with food and beverage locations in New York and Boston.  We plan to create a food and retail experience in Terminal A featuring restaurants affiliated with well-known chefs, and we plan to engage with local community partnerships to provide experience for under-served young adults who aspire to pursue careers in culinary services.”

The MWAA describes the new array of shops and restaurants as a: “highly visible component” of the Airports Authority’s ongoing programme to convert or reconstruct 95% of all Reagan National and Washington Dulles International Airport concessions through 2015.  The first phase of new shop and restaurant openings is expected this spring.

“It has long been the Airports Authority’s desire to modernise and optimise the passenger experience in Terminal A at Reagan National,” said airport manager Paul Malandrino.