New Uniforms for Royal Brunei

(Photo: Royal Brunei Airlines)


(Photo: Royal Brunei Airlines)
(Photo: Royal Brunei Airlines)

Royal Brunei Airlines has unveiled new heritage-inspired uniforms for cabin crew, in the latest phase of its rebranding programme.  The airline describes its new collection as: “reflecting tradition, while evoking a modern simplicity.”

The carrier says its new female crew blouses are detailed with traditional songket patterns along the hem, trim and back.  Colours will range from coral dust to morning sky to fresh mint, based on the seniority of the crew.  This airline says the colours are designed to reflect the: “friendly and welcoming nature of the new RB brand.”  Matching traditional headscarves and chestnut brown skirts will complete the new uniform.

Male crew members will be wearing three-piece suits in matching brown, with a similar spectrum of Malay-inspired shirts and traditional standing collars. 

The new uniforms were unveiled at an event held at the Empire Hotel and Country Club on February 21, 2014. 

Royal Brunei says it is very proud that most of this project was developed, implemented and completed in Brunei and points out much of the design work was done internally to: “ensure the new ensemble reflects Bruneian tradition.” 

Passengers will get their first on-board sight of this new uniform early April to coincide with the launch of Boeing Dreamliner services to Melbourne.