Auckland Airport set to Become a Global Aviation ‘Megacity’

(Photo: KEY - Tom Allett)


(Photo: KEY - Tom Allett)
(Photo: KEY – Tom Allett)

Airbus has identified Auckland Airport to become one of about 80 global aviation ‘megacities’ by 2030, with over 10,000 long-haul travellers predicted to be using the airport every day.

Adrian Littlewood, Chief Executive of Auckland Airport commented: “The growth of airport ‘megacities’ is a new global phenomenon and Auckland Airport is excited by the opportunities it will bring.  Our own forecasts of passenger growth support Airbus’ global study.

“The emerging economies of China, South-east Asia, India and South America are changing the dynamics of global air travel.”

“We are not constrained like some airports in Australasia.  We have always planned ahead and we have the land to grow and become an important hub airport serving Australasia and the Pacific Rim. We are already the second largest airport in Australasia for international travellers.

“Our 30-year vision envisages passengers tripling to 40 million in 2044.  For this we need a new combined domestic and international terminal; a second runway which may need to be extended in 30 to 50 years’ time; new public transport and road links and a new air traffic control tower.

“There will also be more than 27,000 new jobs created from the investment in infrastructure alone.

“We are already planning to make the aviation megacity a reality, and we will make sure it will be friendly, efficient and uniquely New Zealand.”