Etihad Unveils ‘Dreamliners’ at Heathrow’s Terminal 4

(Photo: Etihad)


(Photo: Etihad)
(Photo: Etihad)

 On April 28 Etihad Airways unveiled an eye-catching promotional structure near the entrance to London Heathrow’s Terminal 4.

The eye-catching structure uniquely features an array of three huge 9.5 metre long models of Boeing 787 aircraft located on the 28 x 31 metre roundabout on the approach to Terminal 4.

The airline estimates the three model aircraft in full Etihad Airways livery, each weighing 1.4 tonnes, with a wing span of ten metres, will be seen by more than 6.6 million people every year as they drive past the roundabout.

James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ President and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Heathrow is one of Etihad Airways’ most popular destinations and we’re delighted to use one of the most prominent and well-known locations at the airport to promote the Boeing 787 aircraft which we’ll take delivery of later this year.”

The Etihad roundabout has been unveiled as the airline celebrates its tenth anniversary of services from London Heathrow – its first destination outside the Middle East region.  Etihad says more than two million passengers have flown on its services between Heathrow and Abu Dhabi since 2004.

To date, Etihad Airways is the largest airline customer for the Boeing 787, with 71 of the aircraft on order.

Etihad Airways currently operates three flights a day from Heathrow, as well as a twice daily service from Manchester, to Abu Dhabi where passengers can connect to its network of destinations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.