Manston Airport to Close on May 15

(Photo: Richard Jordan)


(Photo: Richard Jordan)
(Photo: Richard Jordan)

The owners of Manston Airport, Kent, UK have said the airport will close on May 15 after an offer from a US firm to buy 100% of its shares was rejected.  A previous bid failed in April and business proposals put forward by staff were turned down because they required losses to be subsidised.

An airport statement said there is no “viable alternative” that could keep the airport open. 

Manston was bought by Ann Gloag for £1 last year (see Airports International December 2013) and in March the airport said it was entering a consultation period about closure because it was losing £10,000 a day. 

A local Member of Parliament, Sir Roger Gale, says he thinks the airport’s owners should have negotiated further over the offers received and local campaigners have said they will fight to keep Manston open. 

A joint statement issued by Sir Roger Gale and fellow Conservative MP Laura Sandys, claimed there is: “ongoing and serious interest” in buying Manston as a working airport and said they hoped the current owners could be persuaded to reconsider. 

The statement read: “We are convinced that, given more time, real progress could have been made and it is thus hugely disappointing that the decision has been taken to close it.”