New LAX Designs Unveiled

LAX TBT WestfieldNew designs for the ongoing transformation of Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX) Tom Bradley International Terminal, have been unveiled by Westfield.  The company says its vision for the redevelopment of LAX’s Terminal 6 concessions, is inspired by Los Angeles’ famed Sunset Boulevard.

Scheduled to begin construction this autumn, the redeveloped Terminal 6 will provide travellers with a new dining and retail collection of 18 local and global brands which Westfield says: “capture LA’s distinct style”.  

Last week, Westfield released Terminal 6’s Competitive Evaluation Process, and is currently seeking proposals from qualified restaurateur and retail brands.  Construction is not expected to impact aircraft operations, and the terminal will remain fully active as immediate improvements and new dining, retail and amenities phase in incrementally. The redevelopment is expected to be completed in 2016.

“Tom Bradley raised the bar on the traveller experience for airports around the world, and Westfield is continuing that approach of creating tailored, unique environments that work for each terminal’s travelers and for its carriers across the entire LAX project,” said Dominic Lowe, Executive Vice President, Westfield.  “We are deeply committed to helping Los Angeles World Airports fulfill its vision of bringing LA into LAX and creating a world-class Pacific gateway to the world of which the entire city can be proud.”

Westfield says its design feature, referred to as The Boulevard, “seeks to unify the three disjointed buildings that comprise the current Terminal 6 into an integrated, dynamic whole – much like the collection of diverse neighborhoods that are woven together by Sunset Boulevard.”

New amenities will include luxury restrooms, terrazzo flooring and opening up the interface between the original terminal and its connector – built more than a decade later – to create more space and new sightlines to shopping, dining and gates. Constructed in 1961 and expanded in 1979, LAX’s Terminal 6 is home to 14 gates and five carriers serving both domestic and international passengers.  In 2013, Terminal 6 served more than 8.1 million passengers.

The redevelopment of LAX’s Terminal 2 is well underway and currently amid construction to transform the terminal with 21 new dining and retail destinations, an overhauled interior and new amenities.  The redevelopment – which is taking place while the terminal remains active and continues to serve travellers – is expected to be complete in 2015.  New dining, retail and amenities will phase in incrementally over the course of the redevelopment.