Enhanced Airport Security for US Flights

LHR SunsetIn response to US Government warnings of a: “credible threat” from new kinds of terrorist bombs, security checks are to be tightened at airports with direct flights into the US. 

The British Government’s Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin MP, confirmed that “measures” – without mentioning specific details – were being taken to protect the public.  He added the Government had: “acted on advice and information received”

US media reports say that groups linked to al-Qaeda in Syria and Yemen are developing a new generation of explosive devices designed to bypass existing security searches.  A statement from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesman says the new measures were because of a real time and credible threat.

The DHS statement added: “Aviation remains an attractive target to global terrorists, who are consistently looking for ways to circumvent our aviation security measures.

“As always, DHS continues to adjust security measures to fit an ever evolving threat environment.

“Information about specific enhancements and locations are sensitive as we do not wish to divulge information about specific layers of security to those who would do us harm.”  No information was given about intelligence matters.

A statement from the UK’s Department for Transport says that it will not comment on the details of the security changes but added that the majority of passengers should not experience significant disruption.