Siemens Wins Heathrow Design, supply and Integration Contract

MHT4-003A design, supply and integration contract to produce a new integrated baggage traffic system for Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 IB Project (T3 IB) has been awarded to Siemens Postal, Parcel and Airport Logistics by the Heathrow Q6 Delivery Integrator, Mace Group.

Known as the Traffic Indication System for T3, the scheme design will be used to implement new detection and communications systems and a network of Traffic Information Display Screens for the management of baggage information used by baggage handlers and tug drivers.  Using radar detection sensors and advanced LED displays, the new system will provide live baggage information including the availability and locations of all related arrivals, departures and transfers. Load and offload positions together with data for directional, call forward and departures docks will be displayed using green and red traffic light LED indicators.

The new Traffic Indication System for T3 produced by Siemens and selected by Mace will improve the efficiency of baggage handling operations at Heathrow. Mace Operations Director, John Newman, said: ‘Having previously demonstrated its contractor capabilities at Heathrow and with extensive experience of baggage handling systems and software solutions, Siemens has unrivalled technical and operational knowledge of systems and support and the capacity to integrate and improve systems and technology’.