Miami Baggage Attendant’s Generosity Earns Him Employee of the Month

Lavell Lyons MIAEnvoy Air bag attendant Lavel Lyons was named Miami International Airport’s Employee of the Month recently for his generosity in helping two passengers with their last-minute baggage dilemmas – providing a box and suitcase for one traveller and paying the additional bag fee for another one.

One passenger had purchased a special item in St. Kitts to commemorate the first anniversary of her husband’s death.  She didn’t realize she couldn’t take the item in her carry-on and was going to have to leave it behind.  Lyons found a box, purchased a bag to put the box in, and arranged for it to be transported along with her luggage.  The passenger didn’t know about Mr Lyons’ good deed until she received her luggage upon arrival at her destination.  She says she has repeated the story to many, emphasizing: “that people can be incredibly good and kind at the most unexpected moments when you need them most.”  The other passenger Mr Lyons helped was travelling from Haiti to New Orleans via Miami.  She didn’t realize the baggage required an additional fee and she didn’t have the money.  Seeing her distress, Mr Lyons paid the fee so she could take all her belongings with her.  She immediately sought out his supervisor to let the airline know how: “touched she was by Mr Lyons’ actions,” saying that seldom do you see these acts of kindness anymore.

“Mr Lyon’s generosity and compassion were extraordinary,” said Miami-Dade Aviation Director Emilio T González.  His acts of kindness and customer service are well-deserving of him being named MIA’s Employee of the Month.”

Members of MIA’s Rewards and Recognition Committee and Envoy Air co-workers surprised Mr Lyons with a recognition celebration and presented him with his Employee of the Month certificate of appreciation.  Winning the July Employee of the Month award makes Mr Lyons eligible for MIA’s Employee of the Year award, which includes a vacation getaway.