Incheon Buys eXaminer Detection Systems

L-3 eXaminer XLBL-3 Security & Detection Systems (L-3 SDS) has announced that Korea’s Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) has purchased 14 eXaminer XLB explosives detection systems.  To cope with increases in traffic and to strengthen its competitiveness as a hub airport, IIAC is constructing a new terminal by 2017.  L-3 SDS is supplying eXaminer XLBs, an OptiNet networking infrastructure, and on-site maintenance and support.

“L-3’s advanced, high-speed hold baggage solution provides IIAC with an efficient, networked explosives detection solution designed to meet Incheon Airport’s demanding screening requirements,” said Thomas M Ripp, President of L-3 Security & Detection Systems.  “We have a long-standing relationship with IIAC and are very pleased to be partnering with them again to meet their expanding security needs.” L-3’s eXaminer XLB is capable of scanning up to 1,200 bags per hour, keeping bags continuously moving through a one-meter-wide CT scanner while L-3 describes OptiNet as a total solution for an integrated baggage handling network of any size or scope.  Designed to provide meaningful analytic data from all security systems in an airport, L-3 says OptiNet can efficiently and securely link up to 500 scanners, baggage viewing stations and search workstations on a single network.