New Spanish Airport Opens

Andorra-La Seu CT
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy officially opened Spain’s newest commercial airport on January 8, 2015.
Andorra-La Seu Airport will shortly receive commercial flights of 45/50 seat aircraft, and aims to receive 50,000 annual passengers by 2025.
Systems Interface, based in the UK, supplied, installed and commissioned a complete Aerodrome Flight Information Service System (AFIS) for private company Servicos Aeronáuticos Control Y Navegación SL (SAERCO). The first private air navigation service provider in Spain.
The equipment installation began in December 2014 and was completed on time for the Prime Minister’s arrival.
Systems Interface supplied a suite of Frequentis products for the project including:

• Fully IP based VCCS, providing two controller working positions, VoIP interfacing to VHF radios and IP interfacing to the PBX and outside lines.
• DIVOS Voice Recording system that offers fully IP based recording of all relevant voice communications
• TAPtools control and monitoring system to provide a single interface to Airfield Lighting, Meteorological data and Alarm Monitoring.
• Park Air T6 VHF Radios were additionally supplied along with antennas and cabling.

The airport is currently negotiating with carriers to begin direct commercial and freight flights from cities within the Schengen area member states.