New Integrated Security Solution for Toulouse-Blagnac

Toulouse Blagnac - Zoe LeguevaquesToulouse-Blagnac Airport in southern France is to deploy Checkpoint.Evo, a newly launched innovative software solution designed to enhance the inspection and integration capacities of security checkpoints.
It will be the first French airport to install the system, developed by Smiths Detection in partnership with Optosecurity of Canada. Deployment is due for completion by July 2015 at the international airport which handled around 8 million passengers last year.
Checkpoint.Evo connects individual sensors to a networked checkpoint system to provide real-time data collection, distribution and management that improves both the inspection process and operational efficiency.
Smiths Detection says the centralised remote screening helps speed up inspection of hand luggage because image evaluation and alarm resolution from, for instance, x-ray scanners can be centrally monitored away from the noise and distractions of the checkpoint.
In addition, advanced recheck functions electronically mark suspicious areas in bags to enable a more focused search for illegal items by on-the-spot operators, resulting in faster throughput and reduced queuing times.