Boeing 747-8 Receives 330-Minute ETOPS Approval

LH B747 8 Sunset
Boeing has received 330-minute Extended Operations (ETOPS) approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. It is the first time a four-engine aircraft has received this type of design approval.
With this approval, required for four-engine passenger airliners built after February 2015 to fly beyond 180 minutes from an en-route alternate airport, the 747-8’s design is approved to conduct 330-minute ETOPS missions. This will allow operators to fly long-distances more directly on virtually any worldwide city pair routing.
Although ETOPS has been a requirement for twin-engine airplanes since the 1980s, the regulations have recently been applied to the design of passenger airplanes with more than two engines.
“Our customers will benefit from this additional level of reliability inherent to ETOPS design approvals while still leveraging the vast network of routes ideal to the 747-8 capabilities, including 330-minute ETOPS routes,” said Bruce Dickinson, the Vice President and General Manager of Boeing’s 747 programme.