International Baggage Statistics Revealed

The 2015 edition of SITA’s annual Baggage Report was released on March 26.
This comprehensive study of baggage trends and statistics documents how, despite an increasing number of passengers, the industry has significantly reduced the number of mishandled bags in recent years. A peak of 18.88 mishandled bags per thousand passengers was recorded in 2007 and since that time, the total number of mishandled bags fell by 48.5% to 24.1 million in 2014 (down from 46.9 million in 2007). This reduction is estimated to have saved the industry US$18bn, thereby justifying the investments it has made in baggage systems automation and processes.
However, there is still room for improvement as the report reveals that 2014’s record load factors and a 5.4% uplift in the number of passengers nudged the mishandling rate up to 7.30 bags per thousand passengers, from 6.96 in 2013.
Commenting on the findings of his company’s 2015 Baggage Report, SITA’s CEO, Francesco Violante, said: “It is a reminder to us that we cannot afford to take our foot off the pedal. IATA is forecasting another year of strong passenger growth in 2015 – even higher than in 2014. Just to keep bag mishandling rates in check will require continual investment, collaboration and focus from all industry partners.”
There will be more details coverage of SITA’s 2015 Baggage Report in the June edition of Airports International magazine.


  1. It is good news to the airline industry that the rate of MHB has reduced from 18.88 bags per thousand passenger in 2007 to 7.30 bags per thousand in 2014 (though it waned and waxed by 0.34 between 2013 and 2014). This is a very good achievement.
    With the ever increasing infrastructure in all the airports supported by the effective customer satisfaction by the airlines and proper vigilance, this will come down drastically even as the aviation industry moves forward.
    My suggestion to both the airlines and the airports is that they should share the message on monthly basis to improve customer satisfaction by reducing the number of MHB.

    Sunil Zephaniah Kanaparthi
    Former General Manager – Terminal Operations, RGIA, Hyderabad

  2. Congrats to the Industry . Continuous Improvements is the way to go. Classic example of how the customers as well as the airlines benefit . The loss of baggage or delay causes quite a lot of problems for passengers .

    I wonder if the statistics identifies to what extent the airport ground handling agencies contribute to the mishandled baggage statistics . Where as Airlines have tightened up their performance and focus and indeed invested in technology , I dare say the airport baggage agencies have not kept pace . at many airports there is a monopoly of service providers and this could lead to a sense of complacency and reluctance to embark on high initial cost improvements .
    Nevertheless things are changing . I am not sure if there is a rating system within the airports fraternity on performance in various aspects . Customer Satisfaction s a whole is not enough if we want to find areas of imrovement.

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