UK Airport Runway Decision Delayed

Sir Howard Davies, Chairman of the UK’s Airports Commission, has announced he will take further evidence on potential air pollution problems that could result from the construction of an extra runway in southeast England.
The move comes after a European Supreme Court ruling in April required the UK to improve air quality.
The Airports Commission was expected to deliver the results of its three-year study into the need for extra runway capacity in June. However, the new public consultation, which has already begun, will run to May 29 and could delay any announcement.
The commission has already put forward a short list of three options for a new runway; a new runway at Heathrow; extending one of the two existing runways at Heathrow, or a new runway at Gatwick.

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  1. It was not the European Supreme Court! It was the United Kingdom Supreme Court that ruled the UK has continuously breached its own and European regulations on Nitrous Oxide emissions, largely from a massive over reliance on diesel cars, buses, trucks and trains. Levels are up to 15-25% higher than limits we set ourselves in almost all town centres and urban areas. NOx is extremely dangerous to everyone, not just those with health conditions. Having said that why they think air pollution from aircraft will make much difference when it’s vehicle emissions causing the problem at ground levels, I don’t understand.

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