LaGuardia Redevelopment Moves Forward

The New York Port Authority’s Board of Commissioners has voted unanimously to begin the first phase of an overall redevelopment of LaGuardia Airport.
The Board selected LaGuardia Gateway Partners to undertake the US$3.6 billion redevelopment. The Port Authority says the decision is the culmination of a multi-year procurement process conducted to select a team of private-sector construction, engineering, planning, airport management and finance firms to work with the agency in a public-private partnership to construct the first phase of redevelopment of LaGuardia. The project includes demolishing the Central Terminal Building and creating a new facility including a new central entry portal to the airport and unifying previously unconnected terminals.
The Board’s action follows preliminary recommendations from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Advisory Panel and represents the first phase of a comprehensive master plan for LaGuardia Airport that they say will be unveiled in the coming weeks.