Aruba Introduces First Self-Service Passenger Flow System

Aruba Happy Flow
Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport (IATA: AUA) has announced it is the first airport in the world to provide a 100% self-service passenger experience.
On May 28 it inaugurated Happy Flow, a new passenger processing platform developed by Vision-Box, in collaboration with the Aruba QBI Airport, the Aruba Government, Schiphol Airport, the Dutch Government and KLM.
Vision-Box says Happy Flow had two clear goals as a pilot scheme: a) to evaluate the first pre-clearance border control process, travelling from Aruba to the EU-Schengen space, and b) to streamline passenger processing by substantially improving the travel experience.
Using Happy Flow passengers have to show their passport only once at check-in. Afterwards they move through the airport by looking at a biometric face camera embedded in the different self-service passenger touch-points that recognise their facial features as they arrive.
Jos Nijhuis, President and CEO of the Schiphol Group commented: “Happy Flow is an extremely innovative and important step in the transportation industry for passengers, not only for Aruba but worldwide. Aruba is very proud to launch this unique concept by bringing together public and private parties. Happy Flow is another milestone in creating a sustainable knowledge economy in Aruba and fortifying the development of Aruba as a hub.”