“Not Just a Second Runway” Says Gatwick Architect

Farrells Gatwick

Farrells Gatwick
Farrells Gatwick

With a final recommendation on the UK’s next runway expected shortly, new images have been unveiled of Gatwick’s plans with architect Sir Terry Farrell saying “It’s not just a second runway; it’s a brand new airport”.
Sir Terry’s new images released on June 26 show an expanded Gatwick as the airport of the future, with what the airport describes as “a series of world-class improvements that will eliminate queues, speed up passenger transit, and help Gatwick become the world’s most efficient two-runway airport.”
Sir Terry Farrell said: “Our proposals for Gatwick are not just for another runway, but an entirely new world class airport for London and the UK. Heathrow cannot deliver that.
“Our vision for Gatwick is that it becomes the world’s most efficient two runway airport – flexible and responsive to meet the changing needs of passengers and airlines. With an elegant and simple terminal layout, we have designed a direct and straightforward route from curb side to plane, creating a seamless passenger experience. Queues have literally been designed out and the new terminal will be simple and convenient to use with minimal changes of level. The airfield itself will also offer the shortest taxiing distances possible with the new apron sitting between, and in close-proximity to, both the existing and new runways.
“By providing a second runway at Gatwick, we will create a much more balanced system of infrastructure, and capitalise on the integrated connectivity we already have in London. It will positively affect the whole of the UK’s infrastructure, and build on the power of networks. A second runway would turbocharge economic growth in the South East and do for South London was the Olympics did for East London.”


  1. Gatwick will get this simply because it’s the easy way out for a spineless government who won’t commit to Heathrow because of the electoral repercussions. Gatwick benefits few, Heathrow benefits many. Of course this government will choose the south east few.

  2. One new runway at either Heathrow or Gatwick is just a stop gap. with the rate of Civil aviation growth we will have to go through the whole process again in 10 years we need to look further ahead and create new runways at both Gatwick and Heathrow.

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