Faroe Islands’ Air Passenger Growth Continues

Vagar Airport 2015
Figures released on August 4 show that 2015 might become another record-breaking year for Vagar Airport on the Faroe Islands. In July, some 40,978 passengers used the airport as their gateway to and from the Faroe Islands. This is some 4,000 more passengers than July 2014. So far this year 164,486 passengers have used Vagar Airport; a 10.3% growth compared to the same time in 2014.
Since its runway was extended, regularity has reached record highs and the new terminal has enabled Vagar Airport to increase duty-free sales. The increased income base has resulted in lower airport fees and increased incentive schemes for new seasonal routes and routes going from seasonal to whole year services.
So far this year all routes are on the increase. Passenger-growth to the two destinations in Denmark, Copenhagen and Billund is approximately 8%, while the growth figures for Bergen and Reykjavik the growth is 25% and 10% respectively.
As the season to the UK and the new destination, Edinburgh is prolonged; the airport has experienced an increase of some 18%. The same figure has also been achieved on seasonal routes and ad hoc charters so far this year.
Jákup Sverri Kass, CEO of Vagar Airport commented: “Atlantic Airways is doing a good job, and together with the Faroese tourism industry and Visit Faroe Islands, we see that more tourists than ever before are coming via our airport. The increase is not only from Scandinavia, but passengers from the likes of Germany, Holland and France are growing in numbers.”
A Vagar Airport press release stated that it continues to endorse new routes and approach new operators, as this would open up the market and make the Faroe Islands more accessible for mainland Europe and the UK.